WiFi Smart Power Extension Strip, 3 in 1 Smart Plugs In India

  • Smarteefi Android Remote Controlled WiFi Smart Power Extension Strip, 3 in 1 Smart Plugs, 1 Year Warranty, Timer Socket, Schedule, Surge Protector, Home Automation, Individual Switch, Length 1.75m …

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    Smarteefi Smart Power Strip This is a WiFi enabled switch power extension board that gives you capability of 3 smart plugs in a single package and allows you to control and schedule each socket independently ANYTIME from ANYWHERE using Smarteefi Android and iOS app. Weekly/Daily Scheduling Each...

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    I first ordered power strip around 4-5 months back, and today I am using 4 power strip, 2 smart switch and 1 Power switch.It really feel good to have an indian company making such good quality of products. Now I dont use any Chinese switch.I have integrated ur devices with Alexa, and the experience has been really fantastic.I really want to congratulate u people for making such good product, especially in a category where there are not many good solution available, especially in india.
    Pic taken on delivery it looked fine BUT UNCERTIFIED non tested non ISI and a Very bad product , gave a current SHOCK and got defective after within just 2 weeks. Earlier the WiFi worked fine. Later automatically as soon as I plug it to power, it short circuited my house power lines and with a loud bang and click and sparks and heated up and could have caught FIRE too and got burnt almost.. LOST another Rs 10,000 in repairs and seller has written that he is not liable to any damages and gives only limited warranty and since initial 10 days Return WINDOW expired I could not return through Amazon and the SELLER IS NOT REFUNDING OR EXCHANGING EVEN THOUGH IT CARRIES 1 YEAR WARRANTY.. What do I do ? II felt the product is a HUGE LOSS.It has circuit issues and is not a quality product and it got short circuited inside very soon and almost got very heated and was about to catch fire and I had to pull the plug out. If the seller reads this even then I believe he will not refund the money to me. Even after contacting him though he promised a refund the seller did not refund the money to me despite he having all sorts of conditions he troubles later by making you pay for 300 RS shipment first and if he finds or lies that it was not his products fault and if the shipment doesn't reach him he will NOT REFUND.. basically very bad product and buy at your RISK as I was cheated by false promises on call and suffered a loss of RS 10,000 plus RS 2799 plus a danger of current and short-circuit. BE VERY CAREFUL RATHER .. not worth it is my personal feedback.
    I have been using the safari browser on an iPhone to control this . It works as intuitiveky ad native app would . The only limitation would be it would talk to the device via the cloud . The software works very reliably - delightfully reliably. On build quality and software reliability I would rate this 5 stars.An important caveat -that made me change my rating. I could not get any info on whether their cloud security practices conform to standards . So I have no assurance that an insider or outsider threat can cause malicious changes to device states . So however good the hardware quality is , I cannot use this to supply power to valuable appliances . Shame really . Good build quality ( early days ). Setup and control is easy . App on Android for control over local wifi . Assuming web security is strong , offers great promise and use casesespecialy when they open up their REST API . Strangely they don't intend to open it for individuals to access over REST API only for business users . At the moment I use it to supply power to the TV , set top box and speakers where the manual on/off switch is difficult to access .

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  • WiFi Smart Power Extension Strip, 3 in 1 Smart Plugs In India
  • This is WiFi enabled Smart Power Strip that provides you 3 smart plugs capability combined in to one whereas EACH SOCKET CAN BE CONTROLLED AND PROGRAMMED/SCHEDULED INDEPENDENTLY anytime from anywhere using Smarteefi App (Android/iOS).
  • It Works with AMAZON ALEXA and GOOGLE ASSISTANT. Alexa and Google Assistant also recognizes and control each socket independently. It also provides MANUAL CONTROL switch to allows you to control your appliance manually. Smarteefi App allows you to lock/unlock manual control
  • Weekly and Daily Scheduling Facility allows you to save energy bills by automating ON/OFF conditions at specified time. IT CAN RUN SCHEDULES EVEN IF INTERNET BREAKS DOWN OR POWER-CUT/ POWER-RESUME HAPPENS. Its scheduling facility is designed for Indian scenarios. Once schedules are stored in its memory it is no more dependent on Internet to execute the schedules
  • Apart from scheduling facility it also provides COUNTDOWN timer. Instead of selected scheduled time suppose you want to charge your mobile phone anytime with specified time duration (say 1 hour), you may connect your charger to one of the sockets out of three sockets available and start count down timer for 1 hour. It can avoid overcharging and increase battery life of your phone/laptop etc.

Each socket can RESTORE last state in Power-Cut/Power-Resume scenarios. It provides NOTIFICATION Facility (when you are away, you can get notification if someone is switching ON/OFF your appliances at your home). MULTIPLE PHONE CONTROL allows all family members to control appliances from their respective  mobile phone using same login credentials.

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